Introducing the Talent Gallery by Shortlist

Introducing the Talent Gallery by Shortlist

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A new way to curate talent

Hiring — it’s both an art and a science.

While our assessments-driven approach at Shortlist definitely brings the science, we get that there’s an element of nuance when you’re building your team. Just like picking out a piece of art, reviewing candidates is all about balancing objective factors and that “special something.”

We’re excited to introduce the Talent Gallery by Shortlist, a new way to view and curate talent. In this easy-to-use hiring homebase, you can review candidates based on their performance, skills, and experience, while learning more about what makes them unique — perfectly combining the art and science of hiring.

We met with dozens of employers to observe how they review candidate data and learn which features should be included in the hiring dashboard of their dreams. A huge thanks to each of these partners who helped to shape this product!

To get started, request a demo — or keep reading for some highlights of the Gallery.

Here’s what’s in store

  • Your hiring homebase: When you enter the Gallery, you’ll see an overview of every job you have running with Shortlist, along with key stats on each job and helpful links and tips about the Shortlist process.
  • Getting started: Your dashboard for each job shows you exactly what you need to do next to keep the hiring process moving. Here you get a sense of how many candidates are in each stage. You can easily share your Job Description across channels right from your Talent Gallery if you want more candidates in your funnel!
  • Sort and filter to easily compare candidates: By far our most-requested feature! See your list of candidates with all their details and sort by the factors that matter most to you.
  • Go beyond the CV: In the Talent Gallery you can learn much about each candidate! Review assessment performance, read Shortlist’s notes about the candidate, and more.

See for yourself!

We’d be delighted to show you around the Gallery — sign up for a demo here. You can experience the Talent Gallery for yourself during your next Shortlist engagement — get started today.

We’re excited for this next step in helping employers curate the team of their dreams! And there is WAY more to come. Have ideas? Get in touch with me at

Happy hiring!