Our core values

Own it.

Be your best, even when no one is looking. High standards are contagious. Generate discipline. Drive for results. See the needful and do it.

Act with intention.

Do the work to get clear. Buck convention. Big goals start with small steps; step with purpose.

Find the adventure.

Changing the world should be fun. Inject romance into the everyday. Be bold. Dream loud. Swashbuckle.

Be a whole person.

We’re more than our work. Seek balance and health. Learn from differences. Unlock your potential.

One team.

Teammates come first. Mood is infectious. Listen loudly. Feedback is a gift. “We” instead of “I”. When the team wins, we all win.

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Our funders & investors

Our team

Project Manager
Carolyn Ogott
Data Analytics Manager
Anshul Kamath
Talent Analyst
Mariam Karim
Talent Advisor
Mehndi Shivdasani
Business Operations Manager
Edinah Lidonde
Sr. Talent Consultant
Shriya Gera
Software Engineer
Tanuj Sanwal
Project Manager
Eva Wacera
Director, Assessments
Rhea Batliboi
Software Engineer
Souvik Dasgupta
Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer
Simon Desjardins
Director of Operations and Client Success, India
Lotika Baruah
Chief of Staff & Director of Strategic Initiatives
Olivia Wold
Chief Technology Officer
Sudheer Bandaru
CEO and Co-Founder
Paul Breloff
Diana Adkiny
Customer Care Manager
Prashant Mishra
Project Manager
Sattwika Saha
Senior Product Advisor
Rachel Steinberg
Lead Engineer
Himan Reddy
Sr. Talent Consultant
Pranay Merchant
Office Manager
Nizam Shaikh
Talent Consultant
Maria Saldanha
Jr. Software Engineer
Somesh Kumar
Administration Officer, Kenya
Mercy Igoke
Sr Lead Engineer
Niranjan Pujari
Applicant Care Associate
Brenda Akinyi
Managing Director, India
Mridvika Raisinghani
Senior QA Automation Engineer
Talasri Kotikalapudi
Business Operations Manager
Ceverene Muriethi
Managing Director, Africa
Ariane Fisher
Poonam Patel
Co-founder and Chairman
Matt Schnuck
Sr. Talent Consultant
Sayak Ray
Talent Analyst
Moosa Khan
Software Engineer
Siva Kumar
Director of Sales, Kenya
Lydia Karingithi
Training Manager
Lucy Irungu
Software Engineer
Ashwani Choudhary
Training Associate
Paul Gitau
Instructional Designer - Assessments
Veronica Lalwani
Senior Product Manager
Adhip Somanna
Data Analyst Intern
Sahej Kumar
Business Operations Manager
Sarah Ndegwa

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