We connect creatives with their next employment and help employers to efficiently and objectively identify top creative talent.

Lets us help you find the right skills to give your brand message the quality delivery it deserves!

  • Save time and money in searching for your next creative hire!
  • Get connected to your next creative hire
  • Access a well curated directory
  • Be part of the community as we advocate for change in the Creative Industry #UnitedAfricanCreatives

Are you an artist, content creator or a part of a creative team in film, music, art or media & advertising? We are here to help you find your next employer and get paid!

  • Showcase your best work to creative hiring managers and creative consumers
  • Get connected with job opportunities for your particular skillsets
  • Get fair pay for services rendered
  • Be part of the community and inspire change in the Creative Industry #UnitedAfricaCreatives


Educate & Empower Creatives, especially in their right for fair pay that equals their skills.

Creativity isn’t just a hobby or side hustle, but one of the highest GDP contributors in the USA, Europe and Asia, so why not Africa? Why not Kenya?

Creative’s List

Stage Directors
Fashion Stylists
Costume Designer
Creative Directors
Graphic Designers
Art Director
Stage Designer
MakeUp Artist
Content Creators
Hair Stylist
Sketch Artists

Don’t see your field here? Let us know (beafrikamedia@gmail.com)

Referral Program:

Here’s how it works:

  • Refer someone to apply for this opportunity and if they indicate you referred them in their application, you will have the opportunity to win a prize.
  • The 100th, 500th, and 1,000th person to be referred will each win KSH 1000 airtime!

*Make sure you indicate the friend who referred you when you’re asked during the application.