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If you have questions about using the Talent Gallery, you’ll find answers here! Visit this page on our website for the general Shortlist FAQ.
  • Contact us at and we can set up a role for you right away.

  • Contact us for a shortlist engagement ( and you get a login upon configuration of your job.

  • When you enter the Gallery, you’ll see an overview of every job you have running with Shortlist (you can only see open jobs – if you want to reopen a closed job, please contact us.) You’ll also see the number of candidates in each stage of your hiring process, along with helpful links and tips about the Shortlist process at the bottom.  

  • The funnel is the breakdown of candidates in each stage of the hiring process (Application started, submitted, Unreviewed, Phone screen, interview, offered, hired, waitlisted, and rejected). It will automatically update as you take action on the candidates.

  • The candidates in your unreviewed list are your shortlisted candidates. They were vetted for being top performers and we think they’d be a great fit for your role. 

    The candidates in your submitted list are those who fit all of your basic requirements (location, years experience, salary considerations). The submitted candidates may not have completed the assessments but they did complete the Q&A conversation so they passed the initial screen.  

  • Take the salaries with a grain of salt. They are given by the candidates, but based on our data, candidates are often willing to negotiate 🙂

  • Our list shows the candidate’s current location for your information, but every candidate on your list has indicated that they would be willing to relocate.

  • We provide a lot of information about each candidate. Sometimes you’ll see a candidate who hasn’t started the assessments, so we don’t have their assessment data yet. This is rare but happens on occasion.

  • Sometimes the data in the chart takes time to generate since it’s being showing in real time. If there is empty space on the assessment data cards please press the small blue “Refresh” button on the card or refresh the page.

  • Reach out to your candidates. We let you build the relationships with the candidates you like, so start emailing and calling them!

  • That’s okay. Give us feedback on your Talent Gallery and we can see what adjustments to make in the role setup or help advise on ways to get better candidates.

  • Once you’ve reviewed the candidates, use the buttons to move forward, decline, or waitlist them.

    • Move forward = Moves the candidate forward to the next stage of the process.
    • Maybe = If you’re not quite sure yet, you can waitlist the candidate (they will get a waitlisted email from Shortlist). You can go back later to move this candidate ahead or decline them.  
    • Decline = If the candidate’s not a good fit, you can decline them (and they will get a decline email from Shortlist)

    If you want to set up an interview, contact the candidate directly. On the candidate review screen you will see a button on the right to email or call them.

  • You can simply share the candidate link with members of your team, and they’ll be able to view it after login. Everyone on your team can have their own login, just let us know how many you need.

  • No, you can’t download all candidate information since the data is changing in real time. Please contact us if you need the candidates information.

  • You can email or call them using the email or call buttons on the right panel in the review screen.

  • Candidates will get an automated email from Shortlist if they are declined or waitlisted.

    If you want to move forward with a candidate, you get to share the good news! You can email or call them using the email or call buttons on the right panel in the review screen.

  • The Assessment Score is the overall weighted percentage score. So if the assessment has two Sections (Finance weighted 80% and Team Management weighted 20%), the overall score will be the percentage score within the section multiplied by the weightage of the section.  The sections are weighted according to how important the competency is for your team.

    We do not add the score in for the manually reviewed questions, instead we give you the candidate responses – those are the long answer and upload questions.

  • Not yet. Currently we are scoring all questions. In the future we will let you score the manually reviewed questions.

  • We do some ATS integrations in custom plans. Please reach out to us for more details.

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