Frequently Asked Questions

More about Shortlist

  • We help companies hire great people. We help job seekers find jobs that they are best suited for by providing more information about the role and giving job seekers a taste of the work during the application.
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    To best match employers and job seekers, we have a customized online application process for each job opening, to let job seekers show what they can do. This means that the employer comes to Shortlist and explains the must-haves for the role, and the application is carefully designed to screen for those qualities. This process gets away from “who-do-you-know” or brand-based hiring (e.g. what school someone attended or what connections someone may have). Those factors sometimes give an advantage to people who may not be the best fit for the role.
    Job seekers complete the online application, the matching work kicks in, and then the employers get a shortlist of the applicants who are the best matches for that role. We continue to email the applicants with updates throughout the process. If one role doesn’t work out, we’ll invite job seekers to apply to other roles that could be a good match.
  • Log into and you’ll see the posted job openings.
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    When you are logged in, press “Apply” and complete the chat questions. If you fit the basic requirements, you’ll advance to answer some work-related (mostly multiple choice) questions. These chat questions and work questions are assessing the ‘must-haves’ that the employer cares about in a great employee. After you apply, we’ll review all of the candidates to determine the best employer-employee match. We share the best-matched applicants with the employers and they decide who to interview and hire.
  • We review it, share it with the employer, and update you with each status change.
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    After you apply, we review your details, and if you’re a good match for the role we’ll share your application with the employer. Sometimes the employer makes decisions right away, and sometimes they take longer to review and respond to the candidates. The timing varies for each role depending on how many people on the employer side review your application. As soon as there is any change in your application status, we will update you by email (if you haven’t unsubscribed from Shortlist emails).
    If you’re not a good match for the role, we try to tell you as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean that you’re not a great candidate overall. There are some very talented  job seekers who don’t match for the role, but who we reach out to again for other roles.
  • Keep going! You may match better to another job on our platform.
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    Ugh. The job finding process is filled with ups and downs. We’ve all been there, especially in those downs, and that is part of what drives us to do what we do – help people find great jobs where they can thrive.
    If you think there was a complete mistake please email explaining what you think went wrong (150 words).
    We continue to post new jobs so there are more opportunities every few days. We also keep your interests handy when a new job is posted so we can email you if another relevant job comes our way.
    We also post new roles on our Facebook group and share resources via Twitter . We have big, secret crushes on our Twitter followers. Don’t tell anyone.
  • The application is one step in the matching process. We aim to best match job seekers to employers. You could be a rocking applicant, but the employer-employee match may not be great. We know the processes is filled with ups and downs. Please continue to apply for jobs. We post new ones often.
  • We received your professional details from a job board or other source and are giving you a chance to show us more about yourself through the application process.
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    We email great people to apply for jobs they may like. We think you may be a good match for the role. We have your email if you expressed interest for the job on a job board or applied to a job with Shortlist previously. If you like the job, complete the application. It’ll have chat questions to ensure the logistics work out and then work questions to let you prove what you can do.
  • As many as you want! There are no limits. Our aim is simply to match you with the best opportunity to unlock your professional potential.
  • Shortlist is completely free for job seekers (Yay!).
  • Employers partner with us to create their online recruitment process so everyone who applies can be evaluated on similar criteria. They will select someone for the role based on the information applicants provided on our online job application.
  • YES!
    Need more details?
    At Shortlist, we are trying to “level the playing field” and give everyone a fair chance to be Shortlisted for great opportunities. The application is carefully designed based on the job ‘must haves’ and to give you more information on what it’d be like to work at the company. We know it’s longer than other job applications, but it lets you prove what you can do. Employers are often overwhelmed with CVs and not knowing where to start, and our process saves the initial back-and-forth of getting the information you and the employer both want about each other.

Technical issues

  • If you logged in with LinkedIn in the past, then you should use LinkedIn again to log in.
    You can reset your password by selecting the “Forgot Password” text on the login screen.
  • The site may not load or stop functioning for any number of reasons. Use the Chrome browser because it generally is the easiest to fix.
    Try the following steps to refresh your page and continue with the application:
    1) Log-out of
    2) Clear your browser cache (Instructions:
    3) Open an incognito/in-private browsing window (File > New Incognito Window)
    4) Log-back in at
    5) From your Shortlist dashboard, click “continue application” and you should be back where you started
    If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please try another device or browser.
    You can write to us at if you are still facing issues. If possible please send a screenshot, so we can see the problem and give you a solution faster.
  • The best way to login via LinkedIn is to be sure you’re logged out of LinkedIn on any other webpage, and then press the LinkedIn button on the Shortlist login screen. It should open a popup (be sure your browser lets popups open), and then type in your LinkedIn email and password. You should get to the next Shortlist screen.
  • Broken link, no problem! Login directly to and the job will be there!
    Need more details?
    Please go to and click on login button. Use the same email ID on which you’ve received invitation to log in. Once you log in, click on “all jobs” select the job you wish to apply for, and complete the application.
  • Email us!
    Need more details?
    It could be an error on our end, so please email us at Be sure to mention the email ID (or LinkedIn email ID if you logged in with Linkedin) you used to log into Shortlist so we can find you! Screenshots always help us track down the issue faster, so send the picture of the screen if possible
  • Sometimes this happens if you don’t press ‘submit’ on your application. Other times it happens if you have a couple different emails or applications at the same time.
    Please email us at Be sure to mention the email ID (or LinkedIn email ID if you logged in with LinkedIn) you used to log into Shortlist so we can find you! Screenshots always help us track down the issue faster, so send the picture of the screen if possible.
  • Here are some ideas we have if you’re having trouble uploading the voice:
    If you are trying to upload a recording and you are getting an error, please make sure the recording is in an accepted file type and is below 5MB.
    Need some help on that? Search for the terms “convert file to mp3” or “reduce mp3 file size” on Google or any website.
    Be sure it worked by going into the voice section of the application and press the “Review Recording” button on the webpage so the system can retrieve the recording.
  • If you record the response on the phone but it’s not reflecting on the page, it could be because of the PIN being incorrect. There were a lot of numbers to type!
    As a backup, try to record it on your phone, email it to yourself, download it on your computer, and upload and submit directly. Want to use your computer? Search for the best way to do it by typing in “how can i record an audio file on my computer?” on the Internet.
  • If you don’t see it uploaded or added to your application, try to upload it again.
    Try to record it on your phone, email it to yourself, download it on your computer, and upload and submit. Want to use your computer? Search for the best way to do it by typing in “How can I record an audio file on my computer?” on the Internet.
  • You can upload directly!
    Under the voice part of your application, click on the ‘Upload’ button.
    Prefer to use your phone to record your voice? Try to record it on your phone, email it to yourself, download it on your computer, and upload and submit.
    Want to use your computer? Search for the best way to do it by typing in “How can I record an audio file on my computer?” on the Internet.
    The formats compatible are MP3, MP4, WAV & AAC . Click submit once you are satisfied and it will come to us for review. Remember it can only be 60 seconds.
    Let us know if you face a problem at any point. We are always happy to help.
  • The fastest way is to use an online audio converter.
    Need some help on that? Search for the terms “convert file to mp3” or “reduce mp3 file size” on the Internet.
    We sometimes use or
  • To convert your document to a PDF, go to File > Save As > and there should be a PDF option under file types. You can also go to File > Print > Print to PDF.

    There are many PDF conversion and size reduction (file compression) websites – so Google “Convert document to PDF” or “PDF compress” to see a list of websites.

    If you have Adobe or Preview, you can try on those tools: Using Adobe it should be under Document > Reduce File Size. In Preview (on Apple computers) open the PDF go to File > Export > there is a dropdown at the bottom of the screen that says “Quartz Filter” select the “Reduce File Size” option.

Call Support
India  +91 2248931390 | Kenya +254 711082578
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Network Related FAQs

  • A network issue can be caused by any of the following reasons:
    • No Internet: We request you to check if your internet connection is working first before you proceed down this list.
    • Anti-Virus / Firewall: Check your Anti-Virus for settings that block the Shortlist domain.
    • Proxy Servers / VPN: Our application has certain functionalities that don’t functions on VPN or Proxy Servers, we request you to disable the same or switch to a new network.
    • Administrated Networks: On certain networks, access to certain job/career websites have been blocked. This could also extend to location specific websites, outside your current geography. We request you to adhere to these conditions placed by the administrator and use an alternate network to access the application. We recommend using your personal mobile network to resolve this.
    As always, we are available to help you with every step of your application process. If you feel the need to contact us for support, drop us a mail at

Profile or Application FAQs

  • We evaluate your application to see if you’re a good match. We aim to give you an update within a week, even just to say that we are still reviewing the application.
    We also keep the status updated on your Shortlist dashboard – that screen you see when you login on
    We review applications as soon as we get them so the earlier you submit, the earlier it’ll get reviewed. We then update you as soon as we get any information from the employer. Sometimes it takes longer than we hope to get the final decisions on each applicant, but we email any updates as soon as possible. If you get shortlisted, sometimes the employer will be in touch directly if they are interested in taking the next step (an interview).
  • Email us and we can update it.
  • If the basic logistics don’t work out, we let you know right away, so you don’t have to go through more of the application process. It’s usually because of location mismatch between you and the employer. Or you may be too junior or too senior for a role.
    If you think we made a mistake, please emails us at explaining what you think went wrong (150 words).
  • It’s not only about who is best, but about who is the best match for the role. You may be highly talented but not selected because you may not be the best fit or in the very top of applicant matches for this role.
    Need more details?
    You might not have met the ‘must have’ preferences from the employers for this role. It could also be a logistics mismatch – like the wrong location or being too junior or senior for the role. If you think we made a mistake, please emails us at explaining what you think went wrong (150 words).
  • If you completed all the chat questions, you can’t edit them so please email us if there are any changes.
    If you haven’t completed the chat questions, please click on the response you gave that you want to edit and it’ll let you edit your response.
  • You can’t edit or change your answers once they were submitted, but if you email us at with all details of what you’d like to change, and why you want to change them, we can review it and see what can be updated.
    Be sure to do a good review of everything before you press “next,” since it’s hard to update anything after you’ve completed your answers.
  • You should receive a Shortlist email saying that your application is submitted. You can also check by logging in to your account and the first screen that open is your dashboard which will show that the application was submitted.  
  • Double check that you completed all the mandatory sections of the application. Once every mandatory section is completed, you’ll be able to press submit. If you’re still having trouble, email us at
  • Yes. Each application is customized to each job, so you get a new taste of the work questions.
  • It’s best to get your application in early, since we review them as they are submitted. If you mistakenly submitted, please email us at
    Need more details?
    Sometimes job seekers accidentally press a button, like tab, and then the application is submitted.
    If assessments that are timed, they get submitted after the time is done, regardless of you submitting. Even if the internet goes off it’ll time out and assessment will reflect as being submitted.
  • Ugh, that’s frustrating. Please email us at to explain the situation. Let us know what happened and where you got stuck.
  • Yes!
    Need more details?
    Based on the background details you gave us, we do our best to match you with any job that seems relevant. We email you to invite you to those jobs. You can also continue to log in and see what jobs are posted on our site, Then press “Apply” and complete the application.
  • We update you as soon as anything changes. About every 7 days we keep you posted even if it’s just to say it’s still being reviewed. We email you and it’ll be updated on your dashboard – that screen that opens when you first log in on
  • Sometimes the deadlines are extended, it could be for a variety of reasons. However, each application is reviewed based on who submits first.
  • You can’t submit an application after deadline. We’re sorry. We know it’s a challenging application but if the final deadline is over, we can’t extend it. Please look at our platform for new jobs posted every few days.
  • We sure do!
    Join the love here:
    Facebook group. We post jobs on Facebook so you can stay up to date with new roles.