Join the fast track recruitment program and start your adventure in the happiest country in the world. 

Advance your career in Finland, the world’s most innovative country! We offer attractive work opportunities in ICT, gaming and more. Finnish ICT and gaming companies are now searching for the best tech & gaming talent in the US. Find your dream job and fast track your way to Finland.

What job opportunities are waiting for you?

Finnish ICT and gaming companies are looking for the best US tech & gaming talent to join their teams. Check out open positions with Finnish companies participating in this program and find your new job in Finland. 

Why Finland?

Finland has a vibrant innovation ecosystem, a booming startup scene and is a global leader in the ICT and gaming industries. The Finnish ICT industry has an impressive track record of world-changing innovations and Finland is the best place to develop games, with decades of know-how and lots of talent. Finnish gaming studios include globally known names such as Supercell, Rovio, Nextgames and Remedy Entertainment.

Family Friendly

If you have children, Finland is the right choice for you. Finland offers a free, world-class education system and a safe, healthy society. And employee-friendly working hours in Finland mean you can enjoy an excellent work-life balance. 

World-Class Public Services

In Finland we want everyone to have an equal opportunity to receive high quality education, regardless of the family’s income. This means that preschool, comprehensive and upper secondary education in Finland is free of charge, and higher education is also largely free of charge. Read more about Finland here.

Interested in the Fast Track Program but don’t see a fit right now?

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What to expect

Step 1: Tell us about yourself
Apply to the program by choosing one or more of the open positions with member organizations listed above on this page. We will ask you a series of short questions about your background and aptitude.

20-25 minutes

Step 2: Show us what you can do!
Depending on the position, we might ask some additional skills and competency-based questions.

10 minutes

Step 3: Find your match!
If found to be a fit, your details will be shared with our partner Ework, and if they like what they see, they’ll reach out to you directly to take the application process forward. This could include additional rounds of interviews or assessments with Ework and the prospective employer.

What does the fast track recruitment program mean for you?

The Fast Track recruitment program helps make you and your family’s transition to Finland as smooth and efficient as possible. If you are hired by a company participating in the program, the Finnish Immigration Service MIGRI will process your work permit within two weeks’ time, bringing you to Finland via Fast Track. 

The participating companies offer exciting career opportunities for you, and the city you’ll move to will welcome you and your family with several relocation services including:

Assistance in matters of authority, administration and settlement

Supporting spouses and families’ integration into Finnish society

Daycare and school services in both Finnish and English

The program is organized in cooperation with the Team Finland network, including Business Finland, Consulate General of Finland in Los Angeles, ELY-center and Neogames.

Discover why Americans love living and working in Finland

Finland is known to offer great working conditions and a superb work-life balance.” Yasmine Nuoraho, Video Artist, Redhill Games. See what changed in video artist Yasmine’s life after moving to Finland here.

Finland’s high-quality daycare and school systems have high marks from Kate Lessey (Customer Experience and Service Design, Phillips) and helped her integrate into the local community. Read Kate’s story here.

Visit to find out more about living and working in Finland.

We look forward to your Fast Track application, and finding the adventure in Finland!