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Tips for a successful placement

From our experience working with companies of all sizes, here are our best practices for a successful engagement with your remote intern

Length: A few weeks to a few months

Give your intern enough time to make a meaningful contribution to your organization.

Project Scope: here are best practices to make sure you're attracting top talent to your posting:

• Offer tangible skills that they will develop in their tenure
• Give them guidance on how they will achieve success in their internship


While we can help you find talent across a range of functions, here are some ideas to get you started:

Create a data dashboard to monitor Sales team targets

Support the design team in creating collateral for an upcoming digital ad campaign

Conduct user research and share insights team to help build requirements for an upcoming product feature

Update or draft an ops manual taking input from the team

Score leads generated in a recent marketing campaign


As a virtual intern host, we have a few requirements to ensure a great experience for both you and your intern.

1. Scope a well-defined project-based experience for your intern. We recommend including tangible skills that will be gained by completing this internship.

2. The role must be remote: this will allow you to pick talent from a global pool to meet your needs (while helping prevent the spread of COVID).

3. You must be willing to provide regular feedback and guidance to your intern (we suggest weekly).

4. Upon completion, we ask that you fill out a brief survey on your experience working with your intern.