Sanitation Project Engineer


Apply by 03 April 2020

Job description

Sistema.bio is now proud to expand its impact and provide clean sanitation via the launch of Dung Beetle project. Dung Beetle is an adaption of the existing Sistema.bio digester to work with human waste. The project is being launched in Kenya with a series of pilots, market development and sales growth in 2020.

Who is the Sanitation Project Engineer at Sistema.bio?

Reporting to the Sanitation Project Manager, you will work with a sanitation consulting company with responsibility for leading the technical development, design and supervision of the installation of the sanitation units in Kenya.

You’ll be in charge of:

  • Designing sanitation project sites with an emphasis on secondary treatment modules for digester effluent.
  • Designing and developing sanitation product offering.
  • Leading the implementation of projects including logistics, construction, and maintenance schedules.
  • Managing and coaching the technical team responsible for the maintenance and performance of the sanitation sites.
  • Maintaining client and partner relationships.
  • Consolidating the R&D outcomes and overall learnings.

More about YOU!

  • You have a Bachelor's degree in Engineering.
  • You have at least 3 years’ experience in civil construction work and waste-water treatment.
  • You like managing the installation, monitoring and adaption of new technologies.
  • You have the ability to prioritize multiple projects.
  • You have excellent verbal/written communication and presentation skills.
  • You have excellent analytical skills and the ability to extrapolate lessons to other situations.
  • You are adventurous (willing to travel, learn quickly and adapt to different cultural contexts).

About Sistema.bio

Sistema.bio is a leading social enterprise operating in Latin America, India, and Africa by bringing technology, training and financing to farmers. Headquartered in Mexico City, Sistema.bio promotes a world where waste is a resource, and farmers are empowered and productive. We manufacture, sell, install and finance our patented biodigester systems for small and medium scale farmers to convert their waste into economic, health and environmental benefits.

By the end of 2021, our goal is to have installed biodigesters for over 200,000 people in 15 countries where they lack access to clean, renewable and cost-effective energy. 

Sistema.bio is the 2019 Ashden Clean Cooking Awards winner and the 2017 Buckminster Fuller Institute Finalist.

You can be a part of this impact story! 

What it is like to work at Sistema.bio

  • Entrepreneurial cultureYour ideas matter. We believe in empowering people to own their projects and be able to take responsibility for them.
  • Passion and purposeWorking at Sistema.bio, you will work with a very passionate team that believes strongly in working for the social and environmental impact they want to see.
  • A growing team with growing opportunities: Sistema.bio is on its way to double in size in the coming years. This growth will open new roles, new countries and a world of new opportunities! We have a roll-up-your-sleeves culture where we offer new opportunities for our team members’ careers based on their skills, interests and aspirations.
  • Time in the field with the small and medium-scale farmersAt Sistema.bio, we are passionate about understanding and serving our customers: small and medium-scale farmers. Working with Sistema.bio, we will make sure that regardless of your background, you get to spend time in the field with farmers and genuinely understand their challenges and their everyday concerns.
  • We care about your career progression: We have a strong culture of training and investing in developing our people. As a Sistema.bio employee, you’ll have weekly check-ins with your manager, access to training programs, and clear tracking of your performance and career development twice a year. 
  • Work-life balanceAt Sistema.bio, we know you’re at your best when you’re rested and healthy. We therefore give you generous holidays options, parental leave, we pay for your health protection and give you options to work remotely when needed and possible.


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