Introducing the new Shortlist candidate profile

Finding the latest jobs

Introducing the new Shortlist candidate profile

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Today we’re excited to share with you a brand new way to elevate your career and find the latest jobs with Shortlist.

In the past, the way to sign up with Shortlist was to apply for an open role with one of our employer partners. Now, professionals can proactively create a profile on our platform regardless of the current opportunities on our site. Once you tell us more about your background and preferences, we can reach out to you with the latest jobs.

In this post we’ll take a tour to highlight some key features of the new profile:

  • Lots more questions that take into account your work style preferences and career dreams
  • No matter what stage you are in the job search, you can sign up and learn more about the best opportunities as they arise
  • We help you highlight your top strengths and achievements.

Whether you’re new to Shortlist or have applied to jobs with us before, updating your profile is the first step to landing your next job. Let’s take a look!

Do you like flexible hours or 9-to-5? Startup or corporate? Now you can let us know!


At Shortlist, we believe you’re more than a CV. In our new profile, we’ll let you tell us more about your day-to-day work preferences as well as your career aspirations.

Maybe you’re motivated by the fast pace and growth opportunities of a startup and know that the corporate life isn’t for you. Perhaps you feel most productive in a formal environment or love the comfort of wearing jeans to work. You can now indicate all of these preferences in your profile.

And it’s not just about the office space and company, we also ask questions about the type of roles in which you thrive. Some people prefer being an individual contributor over working in a collaborative team. Some people excel in a clearly defined role, while some thrive in an unstructured position

We believe that these preferences play a huge role in your happiness and success at work. Hence when you indicate your workplace preferences on your Shortlist profile, we can share the latest jobs that you’ll love.


Instead of actively applying for the latest jobs, we can let you know if the perfect opportunity pops up

We want to provide value for professionals no matter what stage you are in the job search process. We understand that even if you’re not actively looking, you may be open to a new role if the right one comes your way (in fact, one of our candidate surveys revealed that 95% of candidates who were currently employed were still open to new job opportunities).

When you complete your profile, we can learn enough about your skills and preferences. We can then identify which opportunities would be a great fit for you as they arise. This makes the job application process far more efficient for busy professionals, and ensures that you don’t miss any of the latest jobs!

In the new profile, you can indicate whether you are actively looking for a job, not actively looking but open to new opportunities, or that you want to create a profile but are not planning to apply for jobs. We also let you indicate whether you’d like to be contacted about new opportunities or not. This way, we’re only getting in touch-based on your preferences.

New questions allow you to highlight your strengths and achievements

The new profile gives you more opportunities to share your professional strengths and achievements. You get to select your top professional strength to give employers a quick look at where you excel.

Additionally, you can now share up to five positions of previous work experience, and for each, you can include a short description that highlights some of your favourite achievements and what you contributed in each role.

This information is extremely helpful to our recruiters, and helps to bring you life for prospective employers!

We hope you enjoyed this quick tour of the new candidate profile on Shortlist. Now you have the opportunity to express yourself and share your career goals. We can’t wait to connect you with some of Kenya’s top employers.

Our team is excited to support you on your career journey – we’re with you every step of the way!