Shortlister Spotlight: Meet Shriya Gera, Director of Operations & Client Success

Director of Operations & Client Success for Shortlist

Shortlister Spotlight: Meet Shriya Gera, Director of Operations & Client Success

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At Shortlist, we love building our team almost as much as we love building yours! 

We have some pretty amazing people across our three offices who have a real passion for what they do and for the Shortlist mission.

In Shortlister Spotlights (a Q&A series to get to know some of our team members) this week meet Shriya Gera, our Director of Operations & Client Success from Mumbai office!

A true-blue Shortlister, she started her career here in talent acquisition and has climbed the ladder with her passion and hard work. She is a self-professed nerd, identifies with cats as her spirit animal and is an avid sports buff.

Read on to know about her journey at Shortlist and more!

Hi Shriya! Tell us about your life at Shortlist. 

Hi there! I’ve been at Shortlist for a little over two years now. My favourite part about the journey here is that my role has evolved with each passing year. 

I started off as a Talent  Consultant, where the major part of my role was talent acquisition i.e. executing on some very exciting searches. The next year, I transitioned into a Project Manager role where in addition to my previous responsibilities, I was also leading a team and was looking into key account management. 

In my third year, I am now heading the Operations function for India ensuring excellence in client servicing, efficient and streamlined processes and executing strategic projects. 

What’s great is that all of this is only scratching the surface – at Shortlist, you have the opportunity to create and run with your own ideas! 🙂

What is your professional background, and what were you looking for in your next career step when you found Shortlist?

I hold an MBA in Human Resources from NMIMS, Mumbai. In my final year, I was looking out for an opportunity in talent acquisition, but, in a non-traditional or a new age organisation that was changing or looking to change the way talent is matched with the right opportunity.

How has your current role impacted you?

One of the best things about working at Shortlist is that it allows you to bring your whole self to work. Being completely authentic has helped me view traits like introversion and a quiet temperament (traits that had often been called out as areas of development for me in the past) as my biggest strengths and leverage them as opposed to view them as a hurdle. 

The role also pushes me outside of my comfort zone; every time I have been entrusted with a task I thought I wouldn’t be able to do, I have learnt and surprised myself the most.

As the Director of Operations, what would you say is your personal approach to leadership? 

I don’t think I have “cracked the code” to being a good leader, but I constantly try to learn and adapt to different people and situations. 

A couple of things that work well for me in the Shortlist context are empowering every team member to make their own decisions and ensuring that everyone is provided with equal opportunities. 

What’s your professional superpower?

I listen!

What’s your favourite Shortlist memory?

Honestly, it’s hard to pick one – right from closing my first role or the hardest role, the first client appreciation email to games nights and the staff retreat – I’ve had some of my happiest and most overwhelming days here. However, the one that I cherish the most is my experience as a candidate at Shortlist. I enjoyed the process as  I could be 100% authentic and felt like I belonged. I also really loved working on the case study (#nerdalert 😀)…that one evening spent in eager anticipation for the result reassured me that this is something I really wanted. 

Fun fact – a bird pooped on my head the evening I was restlessly waiting for the results after my final round. (As per a common superstition, it is believed that if a bird poops on one’s head, it means that good things are coming one’s way)…a sign from God? I think yes!

What are three words or phrases you would use to describe Team Shortlist?

Forward-thinking, dynamic, camaraderie

Shortlist Mumbai Team

Team Shortlist Mumbai

What’s your favourite Shortlist value? (Learn more about our values here!)

It definitely has to be  “Act with Intention.” It resonates with my work style (or the work styles of introverts, largely) as I tend to observe, reflect, question and then act. If you work closely with me, you’ll hear me make references to it every now and then.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I absolutely love playing games and sports and I am rather enthusiastic about it.  I’m as excited about a game of basketball, football or cricket as I am for games like Taboo, Pictionary, Monopoly Deal and Sudoku. 

Other than that, you’ll find me catching up on the latest movies, going for dance workshops and attending the latest stand up comedy show in the city. 

What is your spirit animal?

I’m one hundred per cent sure that I’d be a great culture fit in the world of cats – their curiosity, independence, calmness and deep connection with oneself all resonate with me. 

We like to give high fives to recognise when our team members do something awesome. Now is your chance to make a public high five to a fellow Shortlister, Shriya 🙂 :

The first one has to be for my go-to person at work – Lotika, who has played a huge role in my learning and growth at Shortlist. She constantly pushes me to be better and get outside of my comfort zone. 

The second one is for Mridvika. Although she has a million things on her plate, she always takes the time to notice the little things. She finds a thoughtful way to recognise efforts and wins – for each and every person on the team. 

Finally,  one for Paul, for being such a charismatic and humble leader. He has this ability to inspire a group of people by creating a shared vision and encouraging action. Also, his sense of humour and witty comments are the best.

Team Shortlist Mumbai

Team Shortlist Mumbai

Any final words?

Recruitment or talent acquisition is sadly not an aspirational role for quite a large population in India. This stems from an extremely myopic opinion that recruiters are primarily CV suppliers. 

However, the role of a person in talent acquisition – especially in an organisation like Shortlist – is extremely dynamic. You get to learn from and interact with leaders, entrepreneurs and young professionals from across different walks of life and build a great professional network. You’re simultaneously working on multiple and diverse projects and making it interesting by using a cool tech product. Most importantly, you get the opportunity to make an impact by helping build a great team for an organisation that can amplify their growth, or help a candidate land their dream job! 

Thank you, Shriya! We’re so lucky to have you on Team Shortlist.

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